All You Need To Know About Prohormones

Prohormones existing today perhaps belong to a fascinating group of supplements in different stores. They form part of the group that targets muscle gain and a boost in testosterone. Prohormones can make one feel like superman as you can feel stronger and tougher.

Prohormones are steroid precursors, thus classified as steroids. Steroids are illegal in the United States and face strict regulations in the neighboring country Canada. However, they are not entirely illegal all over the world, and laws vary with countries. Apparently, bodybuilders across the world take these steroids whether restricted or not and this article will explain everything about prohormones, including their definitions, side effects, legality issues, and benefits.

Are prohormones hormones?
Prohormones are chemical compounds that are taken into the body to help intensify the existing hormones. Therefore, they are not technically hormones as many would suggest. Prohormones are naturally produced by our bodies but in lower quantities. As a result, many go for the synthetic prohormone to boost their testosterone levels, which is the primary target hormone among prohormone users.

What about their legality?
This hormone amplifier is illegal in most of the more economically developed countries. Most prohormones are illegal because of the wordings stipulated in their definitions and the link to general steroids of muscle and testosterone boost.

However, some of them are legal as they are used for medical reasons. Such an example is Corticosteroids, which is used to reduce swelling with the prescription of a doctor. The other steroids can also be prescribed by a physician if a patient wishes to undergo gender surgery, has not entered puberty until the early 20s, or any other medical reason.

Do Corticosteroids possess side effects?
Similar to anabolic steroids, prohormones have adverse side effects even if one is too careful while using them or even after undergoing post cycle therapy. Some of the side effects likely to be experienced include:
♂ Liver damage
♂ Headaches and dizziness
♂ Hypertension
♂  Inflammation of prostate
♂ Acne
Prohormones are hepatoxic, and so affect the liver. It is recommended that one uses it in an on-off sequence. For instance, after taking it for a month put them on hold for another seven weeks. You can find more information here –

What are its benefits?
Prohormones can create a remarkable change in the sex drive and overall body strength in a man or woman. These are some of the advantages:
♂ Enhanced sex drive
♂ Amplified muscle mass
♂ Advanced Strength and Endurance
♂ Increased Competitive Spirit
♂ Enhanced Physical Appearance
Most people disregard Prohormones use as it has many side effects attached to it including damaging your liver and endocrine system. Perhaps the awful thing is that these new traits do not last, and one returns to the original form once you stop taking them. Eventually, the decision is yours. Its benefits are great but so are its side effects.